​ ​Dance Bio


Award winning performer Alina(Ayanna) hails from Romania and she is well known for her engaging stage presence and crowd pleasing performances. Adept in many styles that include Classical Raqs Sharqi, Moroccan, Iraqi, Roma-Gypsy, Shaabi Egyptian Folkloric with Baladi as her Soul favorite.

​ Ayanna is a Passionate and soulful performer who rarely choreographed routines, instead she is flowing beautifully with the music. With a charismatic persona feminine and a little flirtatious Alina has a strong uplifting stage presence and her audience will have to try hard not to engage when she performed.

Her Debut on stage was marked by the collaboration with Arabian Dance Theater back in 2011 when she joined The Stage School and performed on the much acclaimed production Under the Sun! Following that Ayanna had trained and worked with various renowned teachers from around the world, the likes of Jillina Carlano, Tito Seif, Asmahan, Sadie, Mario Kirlis, Wael Mansour, A nine White Zaza & Sussanah Hassan, Farah Nasri, Joana Sahiraah of Cairo and Melanie Norman and the TAQ band to name but a few.

As a expressive performer Ayanna’s main belief and praise goes on encouraging on Improvising with the music allowing yourself to take risks and flow unaltered by the outer touches of created polished choreographies.
” ​I love it as it heightens creativity and helps me live and breathe in that moment with the music, it’s Magical!​”

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