Divine Embodiment

Divine Embodiment is a concept birthed out of a deep desire to connect, embrace and fully accept who we are in mind, body, and soul and to be embraced by our own guidance, inner wisdom and potential that resides within.


Why Divine Embodiment?

Standing on the premise that we are children of the divine it is our inherent birth right to relate to ourselves as divine beings having a human experience.

Living in a world where media has huge influences on the way we should look, dress, relate or engage with one another can create a lot of confusion, anxiety, and stress that it depletes our own vital energies leading to health issues, lack of confidence, competition, hierarchy, division and a lot more.

Divine embodiment aims at creating communities in which women can come together and learn the way of sacred union within. 


There are only two powerful forces at play in this Universe; Love or Fear! Knowing that we always have a choice no matter what, gives us that courage to take action in whichever endeavour we wish to pursue be that self confidence, starting a new project, loving our bodies, forgiving the past, etc.

Therefore by choosing to stand in courage and by the very action of CHOICE we step into LOVE. Love then becomes therapy and therapy becomes Love.

A conscious act towards restoring wellbeing harmony and synergy within.


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