Flow – The art of connection through Dance



305088_10151168793032220_1168205495_nDance is Emotion in Motion – the universal language that animates the life in us. Dance movement is a healing vehicle that can be used to awaken our latent potential within.

Dance has been used therapeutically for thousands of years. It has been used as a healing ritual in the influence of fertility, birth, sickness, and death since early human history. The focus on the moving body and non  verbal phenomena means that Dance  can be beneficial for relational and developmental issues arising from early infancy to the elderly. Dance, when used in a therapeutic context, offers both as a way of assessment and of treatment for a range of neurological, psychological, relationship and social problems. It also provides opportunities for people who wish to develop their own creative potential.

A fun interactive & engaging workshop designed to connect integrate and ground ourselves into the body through dance.

Movement awakens us, it brings our attention to a sensory experience that is neglected when we are inside our thoughts.

A journey of playful investigation we will be engaging with the first three chakra’s of the body. The tonality of movements will bring oriental flavours alive as we work with circles, round movements, hips & pelvis.
Explore how your body moves and the freedom you have with it, while improving flexibility energy flow and expand the posibility of being a wholistic being

Whether into dance or not this workshop is for every human being that wishes to explore the depths of connection with the body.





The benefits of attending this workshop are:

1 Clearing of mental, emotional and spiritual blocks to perceive and receive love and abundance
2 Alleviation of physical symptoms especially with regards to the solar plexus area
3 Learn to love yourself rejoice and be present in your own body
4 Direct experience of the energetic world around and within you
5 Your own Soul wisdom activations and downloads
6 Increased feelings of well-being, peace and harmony
7 Experience your greater consciousness
8 Come into your own as a Magnificent Being of Love








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